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Public WiFi hotspots in a hotel, restaurant or train are generally unsafe. There is a risk of being eavesdropped or tracked by someone on the same network or by malicious software. A virtual private network (VPN) sends all data over an encrypted connection and offers a safe and secure path to the internet. There are hardly any Internet Service Providers (ISP) that provide VPN services to their customers and setting it up yourself is rather cumbersome. The few ones that do offer VPN haven’t been able to offer a modern and user-friendly experience to their users. There are a lot of other VPN solutions around, but most of them do not provide sufficient security en privacy to their users.

Let’s Connect! provides an open source VPN solution allowing ISPs, hosters and bussinesses to easily setup a secure VPN service. Even security minded people will be able to deploy it in a home environment. After deployment, users have a safe path from all generic devices.


We are people from the Research and Educational community and under the governance of the Commons Conservancy foundation founded an open source VPN project. Both server-side software as all client software has been released under an open source license.

The project is known under two names: Let’s Connect! and eduVPN. The brand eduVPN is used to promote this VPN solution to international educational and research organizations. Our progress can be followed on GitHub and in the blog. Our apps can be found on the Apps page. Please contact us if you want to contribute to or work with Let’s Connect!

Let’s Connect! VPN

In order to improve the security of VPN services Security researchers stress the importance of open standards, simple and open source software, regular audits and proven cryptography. For Let’s Connect! VPN we have focussed to apply these best practices as much as possible. OpenVPN was chosen as ‘core’ VPN technology because it is open-source and has been audited by an international community. OpenVPN also works better than for example IPsec in restricted environments, such as firewalled networks, because it is able to hide the VPN traffic. Currently OpenVPN isn’t an open standard but there is work in progress. OpenVPN supports a variety of cryptography ciphers and after consultation of cryptography experts AES-256-GCM was chosen

How to compare Let’s Connect! with other open-source products?

ProductTechnologyScalabilityEncryptionAuditedHide trafficRebrandableEnterprise ID
WireGuardWireGuardLargeGoodWIP NoYesNo
OpenVPN 2.xOpenVPNSmallGoodYes
eduVPN / Let’s Connect!


Let’s Connect! 2.0

Last week Let’s Connect! VPN server 2.0 has been released. This new version has been engineered to be more robust. Based on experiences in the field, like how we managed…

iOS app available

The Let’s Connect! VPN apps for Windows, MacOS and Android have been available for quite a while. It took us more time to release an iOS app. The difficulty was…

macOS pre-release

Today we have good news for macOS users. The Let’s Connect! for macOS application is ready to be build and tested. It is still a pre-release version and needs to…

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