Let’s Connect! for Windows pre-release available

Today we are happy to announce the availability of our Let’s Connect! for Windows application. Although it is still a pre-release version, it is fully functional and ready to be used. After some more usage and testing we aim to release the finished app shortly.

You can download the latest version here. If any issues arise, please notify us on eduvpn@surfnet.nl or create an issue here.

Let’s Connect! won the ISOC.NL Innovation Award 2018

Let’s Connect! has won the ISOC.NL Innovation Award 2018. The Jury said:

“A very necessary technical innovation with potentially a
huge social impact. For secure connections, but also for free internet,
we are really dependent on good VPN technology, especially now that net
neutrality is under international pressure. A deserved winner of the
Internet Innovation Award 2018!”