New Let’s Connect! MacOS pre-release

Today we have good news for MacOS users. The Let’s Connect! for MacOS application is ready to be build and tested. It is still a pre-release version and needs to be tested more thoroughly before releasing it to the public. After some more usage and testing we aim to release the finished app later in 2018.

The code and build instructions can be found on GitHub.

Let’s Connect! is working with WireGuard

We like to announce that the Let’s Connect! project is working together with WireGuard.

We are always looking for new ways to improve Let’s Connect! and give our users a better experience on the internet. In this light we added WireGuard support in the Let’s Connect! server software to our roadmap. This enables Let’s Connect! to create WireGuard based clients in the future.

Let’s Connect! won the ISOC.NL Innovation Award 2018

Let’s Connect! has won the ISOC.NL Innovation Award 2018. The Jury said:

“A very necessary technical innovation with potentially a
huge social impact. For secure connections, but also for free internet,
we are really dependent on good VPN technology, especially now that net
neutrality is under international pressure. A deserved winner of the
Internet Innovation Award 2018!”